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Classes Of '40 through '60 Picnic
They Need Some Help

Contact: Marjorie Henning Fairchild, 724-872-1165

HELP WANTED: Get involved helping to manage the class website. Someone wanting to manage the class news. Someone to manage the Senior page--that's the one with the jokes about "old" people. That's us. Someone familar with Adobe PhotoShop (or other photo editing software), almost computer literate, classmate, is needed, to work with the Reunion Committee, to manage, maintain, and add Reunion photos, to the existing Class Website. Technical support (lol) and assistance, will be provided. An opportunity for your creativity to be expressed. We welcome your ideas. A political page?? If you have any interest in participating, we'll find a way that you can help. Telecommute from home. Great fringe benefits. Very rewarding. Helping your class is a higher calling. PleaseLetUsKnowIfYouAreInterested


06/20/04--We were saddened to learn of the passing of, our beloved classmate, Roberta Lee Perkins Brown, a few weeks ago. Willa Greene sent us an email regarding this. At this time we don't have the date of her passing, or her birthdate. I believe her brother still lives in the Clairton area; if someone can contact him to obtain this information, it would be greatly appreciated.

05/14/04--A postcard is being mailed to our classmates residing in the PA Zip Codes, (excluding the 15025 Clairton/Jefferson Hills ZIP, to which it was mailed to in March of this year, and also those classmates who we already have email addresses for, as they will be sent that same info by email). Mary Ann Crans Moresco again will upload the respective classmate addresses from the Excel database of classmate addresses, that she created, to the USPS Online website, for automated printing, postage, and mailing. The postcard, among other things, provides our class website address, and also mentions a possible Thursday Night get-together at the Wilson VFW as a kickoff to our 50th Reunion weekend.

04/12/04--Dorothy Jane Ball Staudenmaier sent us a group picture of the 25th Reunion at Seven Springs--it is grouped with the 30th Reunion picture. Dorothy also sent us a Ninth Grade picture of the Thomas Jefferson class (taken in the gym--hers was the first class to graduate from Thomas Jefferson), and also an Eighth Grade Pleasant Hills class picture. Thanks Dorothy!!!

04/08/04--Max Roesch just discovered the class website, and emailed a Jones Grade School Fifth Grade picture; have a look. Max said he might have a few more pictures around. Way to go Max!!

03/29/04--A postcard was mailed to our classmates residing in Zip Code 15025 (Clairton/Jefferson Hills). Mary Ann Crans Moresco uploaded the respective classssmate addresses from the Excel database she created, to the USPS Online website, for automated mailing. The postcard, among other things, provided this website address, and also mentioned a possible Thursday Night get-together at the Wilson VFW as a kickoff to our 50th Reunion weekend.

03/22/04---EGG ON FACE--When I added a link for the History Of Clairton a week, or so, ago, I inadvertantly deleted the link to our Birthdays page. Sorry about that, but the Good News is: the Birthdays link has now been restored.

03/04/04---You will probably hear this phrase a lot in the coming months, but let me be the first, this year, to say: "YOUR VOTE COUNTS"--take a look at the two bears on top of the page and decide which one is the best for our website. PS--I "stole" the new bear, the one on the left, from the Clairton High School District website--please don't tell anyone--Thanks. Let me know which one you like better. On another front, Joe Parish submitted his email address and birthday.

02/25/04--Muriel Owens Gwynn sent us her email address, and birthdate. Hers represents the twenty-first new email address that we have managed to obtain. Our goal is to become the best-connected class in PA by the time of our 50th Reunion. We aren't very far away from having 100 email addresses; that only leaves roughly 260 more to obtain. We're also looking for birthdates for our BIRTHDAYS page; keep beating those bushes---LOL. <

02/24/04--Just added a new picture of the Pleasant Hills 6th, or 7th grade, class, contributed by Jerry Wilson--we're not quite of the class yet--perhaps you can help identify it. PLeasant Hills, 6th, 7th??

02/23/04--Frank Drenik's efforts, on behalf of our class on, continue to reap dividends: Ron Harrigan emailed me today, and, in the process, mentioned he was looking for "Sam" Sampson; they had bumped into each other while in the service; so we think we tracked "Sam" down in Medical Lake, WA. Somehow Sam's name wasn't on our mailing list, nor his name in our records. Ron mentioned that Sam has a large family; we're awaiting confirmation on the number of children; it may be a class record. If there is any truth to the old adage that our kids will take care of us when we age (LOL), Sam's going to be very well taken care of.

02/21/04--Possible additional grade school class pictures that have been mentioned: Jerry Wilson, Rhoda Lynne Farr Wohleber, Helene Mega, and Dorothy Ball Staudenmaier. Still looking for pictures from Elrama, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Shaw, and any other grade schools (only wish I knew the names of all of them). We are also still looking for the remaining pictures from Miller Avenue and Fifth Street, as there were 2-3 classes in each grade at these schools. The goal is to have a full complement of pictures by the time of the 50th Reunion.

02/20/04--Ethel Billisits is listed in today's (Friday 02/20) McKeesport Daily News as having passed away on February 18th. Hopefully we will be successful in finding Ethel's birthdate for our In Loving Memory page. Update--Phyllis Grayson Tansky found the obituary and sent me Ethel's birthdate--Ethel had married Alex Bruce.

02/20/04--Frank Drenik's efforts on are paying dividends; this morning I received John Frankfort's email address; it's great to have another classmate on board. Frank, and I, sent John the links to our Class Of '57 website.

02/19/04--I just downloaded, edited, compressed, and uploaded to our website, a new Miller Third Grade class picture, credit Antoinette "Toni" Hrabosky Dobos. As I write, I am downloading a second picture (30 minutes download time each) and will have that one, and a third picture up sometime a little later--all credited to Toni Hrabosky Dobos. It's great to have all these pictures flowing on to our website. The second picture is now up, a Miller First Grade; the photographer didn't have a good day, as this is yet another picture taken at Miller that day, that didn't come out well--who was that guy anyway?? Toni's third picture is now up--a Miller Sixth Grade--great picture. These pictures are making my day.

02/19/04--Just received word that Ethel Siler has passed away; specifics will be forthcoming. She was living in Perryopolis and apparently she had remarried, and her last name was no longer Billisits. If anyone has further information please forward it, so that we may update the In Loving Memory page.

02/18/04--Just added a St. Joseph Eighth Grade class picture, credit to Joe Sammartino. Rhoda Lynne Farr Wohleber thinks she may have some Pleasant Hills class pictures, and a Ninth Grade Jefferson class picture. Frank Drenik has taken it upon himself to pay the price, and join, so that he can contact, and attempt to obtain email addresses, from our classmates registered on, whom we don't yet have email addresses for, and also notify them of our class website--kudos to Frank; the effort is greatly appreciated. Frank has also posted a few messages on the Clairton message board with the web address for our class website which might help expedite the process. Frank's efforts have brought Dorothy Ball Staudenmaier into the fold; she didn't even know we had a website and was awed by it; she is also going to send us some grade school class pictures. I also heard, and obtained an email address, from Janice Mullen Harris; she spent two hours on the website the other night, and said it was a "real trip down Memory Lane." It's great to reconnect with former classmates.

02/17/04--Just added two more grade school class pictures, a Miller First Grade, and a St. Joseph Third Grade, credit to Phyllis Grayson Tansky. Joe Sammartino has a St. Joseph 8th grade photo that we should (hopefully) have up in the near future. Memories--when my 21" monitor smoked, and died yesterday, the fried electronics smell brought back memories of when I actually worked, seven years, 4 months, and 16 days ago, but hey, who's counting. I am now limping along on a 13, maybe 14", monitor and am feeling as if I am going blind--things aren't quite the same. At least this @#$%$#@ monitor will allow me to not buy a replacement monitor until I find one of my legendary great deals.

02/09/04--Personal information on the website; does it represent a potential problem?? The answer is NO. The only information on the website is email address, birthday, and city, state, and ZIP. The only group that may be interested in that information, at our age, is AARP, and even then, I think we may have to PAY THEM to take the information. If we start asking you for, and publishing, your SOCIAL SECURITY, DRIVER'S LICENSE, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PIN NUMBER'S, then there is a very valid cause for concern; in the meantime, please enjoy the information on the website for what it is intended for, an opportunity to reconnect, in advance of our 50th Reunion.

02/07/04--Just a quick note: a few more reunion pictures are up. The biggest part of the job is doing the somewhat time-consuming editing of the photos using Adobe Photoshop, and uploading the files to the Geocities website. After we get all of the pictures up, we may go back back, and rearrange the pictures, so they are more orderly, and add names, etc., but for now I am just attempting to get them up so they can be viewed. The pictures we have now are just the ones from our digital camera (so many of them, due to poor lighting, incorrect camera setting, or whatever, can't be used; however, I do have hardcopy photos, taken by others, that were sent to me, that I will soon (hopefully) be scanning in, and adding to the website. If you have pictures from the reunion weekend, that would be good for the website, please email; thanks: Reunion Pics. Ideally, we would like to have everyone, that attended the reunion, in at least one picture on the website, so we are mainly looking for pictures of those whose pics aren't yet in the gallery, but great pictures are great pictures, so don't hesitate to let us know of pictures you have. Thanks again.

02/06/04--Great News--Toni Hrabosky Dobos has three Miller Avenue Grade School class pictures that she will send us. Gordon Hitchings sent us the names for the Miller Avenue third grade picture on the website--there are still a few classmates unidentified. Decided to add a SENIORS web page for the seniors "jokes, remembrances, and senior moments"; it isn't completely linked just yet, but soon will be. For now you can access it from here: SENIORS

02/05/04--We are again saddened to hear of the loss of one of our classmates. Fayette L. King Coleman passed away on May 24, 2003. Our thanks to Jim Walker's wife, Sheila, for notifying us.

02/05/04--My humble apologies for the snafu on the class website. In sending out an email to everyone on the email address list, notifying everyone about the reunion, and grade school, pictures, I inadvertently created a log jam on the website. The Geocities free website has a limited monthly bandwidth which unfortunately is metered on a per hour basis. We could pay a monthly fee to obtain additional bandwidth, but it most likely would not solve the problem when everyone is attempting to get on the website at the same time. Let's give it a fews days to get back to normal and then re-evaluate the problem. In the meantime I promise not to send out any more mass emailings. The picture web pages are are the only class website pages that create this problem, as pictures consume a fair amount of the available bandwidth. Based on my calculations Geocities allows us to transfer data at a 4.16MB per hour rate. One page of reunion pictures approaches 400KB, so you can easily see the problem; ten picture pages in an hour, and it's "hasta la vista" (see you later). The fee plans available all have their shortcomings; a way they have, just like cable TV, of working you up to the Platinum $$ package. If we decide to pay for a faster website, maybe it should probably only be done for one year; the year prior to our 50th Reunion, and then maybe we'll go for the $11.95/month, which allows 25GB per month thruput versus the present 3GB. Probably best to take a wait and see position in the meantime.

02/05/04--Please send us your birthday so that it may be added to the Birthdays web page. We are still looking for class pictures, grades 1-9; if you happen to have one, we will arrange for it to be scanned, and emailed to us, for inclusion on our grade school picture web pages (When We Were Just Kids). We just added Pleasant Hills grade school class pictures for Grades 2, 4, 5, & 6, credit to Linda Huffington. Jerry Wilson just located another Pleasant Hills picture; not quite certain about the grade yet. Phyllis Grayson Tansky has a St. Joseph's, and a Miller Avenue, class pictures that we should have available in the future. We will also be adding a Walnut Avenue 8th grade picture, credit to Jack Brenner, who also contributed the Short Street, and Walnut Avenue 9th grade graduation pictures.

01/31/04--Mary Ann Crans Moresco continues to make progress in compiling an Excel database of our classmate information. We are now adding birthdates for our just-implemented "Birthdays" page on our class website; please add your birthday to this page; email: Birthday Notification and put Birthday in the Subject line. If you know of any birthday clip art that might be usable on the page, please inform us. We will also be adding telephone numbers to the database, as they are made available. This information will not be publicly disseminated. The database will primarily be used to help automate the addressing, and mailing, of the 50th Reunion notice, using aspects of the new USPS online mailing software. This is the time in our lives, when many are relocating to that planned retirement location, and keeping track of classmates becomes a somewhat daunting task. The database will help make it easier, but each of us can also help, by making us aware of address changes (email, or mailing), either for you, or for a classmate. Thanks.

Some of the 45th Reunion Pics have been added to the website; there are many more pictures to work through so try and be patient--click on: 45th REUNION PICS. In the meantime, I am accepting bribes, to either, put your picture up on the website, or take the one that is up, down.

01/25/04--In regard to the reunion photos: I have 150, or so, digital photos, that we took; these photos are on my computer; not all are suitable. Utilizing Adobe Photoshop, I am cropping, adjusting, sizing, compressing, and uploading these existing photos to the class website, one at a time, first. It's a time consuming process. Beyond those photos, I have a number of hardcopy prints, furnished to me, which will need to be digitally scanned first, and then processed in the same fashion (more work, lower priority). I'll try to get everyone in at least one pic, possibly more. If you have digital reunion pics, or reunion pics you can have scanned, and put on a CD, and then send the CD to me, I'll do my best to see that at least some of them get onto the website; email: Buzz

01/24/04--A few reunion pictures have been added. Many more to follow as time permits. The Clairton Sports Shop (the Orsini family of Clairton, Barbara of our class now in Louisiana) has promised to send us their collection of bear images, if, and when, they get their computer problems straightened away. At that time we will possibly select another bear image for the heading on our class website.

01/19/04--A 45th Reunion Group Photo has been added to the website, and Jack Brenner emailed us a Walnut Avenue Ninth Grade Graduation Photo. Phyllis Grayson is sending us two grade school pictures, one Miller, and one St. Joseph's. Linda Huffington has located four Pleasant Hills grade school pictures, which Jack Brenner will pick up, scan, and email. Our website is beginning to fill out. The memories those pictures bring back. If you have any grade school class pictures, that we don't have, or have a better copy, please let us know. Thanks. Work on the Excel database, by Mary Ann Moresco, for the class mailing infomation, is continuing; if we don't have your present mailing address, or email address, please let us know so the database may be corrected; email: Buzz Mills

01/03/04--Phyllis Grayson Tansky scanned, and emailed us the file, and we just added the 30th Reunion group photo:


The Woodland Terrace is going to have another reunion in 2004, and this time, due to popular demand, or, I think, just demand, they are inviting the ladies (wonders will never cease):

Woodland Terrace
Adult Family Reunion

40's, 50's, & 60's
Sunday, July 18, 2004
Clairton Park Lodge
Noon til ???
$15.00 per person--$25.00 per couple
Contact: Dink Ruffing, or Deedle Gash

HELP!! THIS IS A CALL FOR GRADE SCHOOL CLASS PICTURES!!! Miller Avenue, Shaw Avenue, Fifth Street, St. Joseph's, Short Street, Walnut Avenue, Finleyville, Pleasant Hills; I don't know all of the grade school names. If you have a grade school picture, that we don't have shown, or have a better copy of one that we do have, we would appreciate you sharing it with us; please email us, telling us the school/grade/and class, and we'll figure out a way for it to be scanned, so that a copy of it can be sent in an email; click on: GradeSchoolPictures. If we could all help locate missing grade school class pictures, the effort would be appreciated. Wouldn't it be great if we ended up with all of our grade school class pictures before our 50th Reunion.

June 2, 2004 is the 50th Anniverary of our graduation from Walnut Junior High School, contact: Jack Brenner.

On the brighter side, utilizing the preliminary info in the Excel database, which Mary Ann Crans Moresco is in the process of developing, we created a new section (WWLN) showing where our classmates currently reside; have a look:


We just added some grade school class pictures:


UPDATE: 12/15/03 We just added a new section entitled "WHERE WE LIVED BACK THEN" which is a fairly complete roster of our class, and where we all lived when we attended CHS. Brings back a lot of memories to associate the classmate's name with the address; in my mind's eye I can almost see the town again, as it was, way back then. On other fronts, Mary Ann Crans Moresco is continuing her excellent work on the Excel database for the classmate information. Work on the "WHEN WE WERE JUST KIDS" section is being held up,; hoping we can get the grade school class pictures, that we have, posted. Hoping to begin work on the .jpg pictures from the 45th Reunion shortly after New Year's. If anyone has any .jpg pictures from the 45th Reunion, perhaps we could obtain a copy of the .jpg file.

I want to express my thanks to all of the classmates who have stepped up to help out with the class website; it is always great to have the support and it is certainly appreciated as it takes all of us to make this happen.

Just heard from Ceci (Whetzel) Sprites, Ray's wife, Class of '58, that our one lost/missing classmate James R. "Jim" Brown, passed away this year in VA. Jim's sister was married to Ceci's brother. This information was gathered through our effort to connect the different classes by listing each others Lost/Missing and also the links for the Email Directories from each of the Clairton High classes. Take a look at our Alumni Directory web page and also our Lost/Missing web page.

What's Happening--at this time, in addition to trying to gather email addresses for as many classmates as possible, we are in the process of developing a classmate information database using Excel. This database will come in very handy when it comes time to begin sending out info for the Big 5--0 Reunion, and it will also be much easier to keep updated with current classmate information. We are fortunate to have an expert. among our classmates, in office software; our very own Mary Ann Crans Moresco has volunteered to help us with this project.

I received a short note from Tim Reilly--the lone member of the Mississippi Contingent of the Clairton High School Class Of 1957; Tim received a letter from Dale McDowell; Dale once lived in Woodland Terrace, close to Tim, and moved to Glassport in the 9th grade; Dale was Jim Achtzehn's cousin. In the letter it mentioned that Jim had passed away 19 days short of his 64th birthday, so we were able to obtain Jim's date of birth through that mention. A special memorial service was held at Galludet University for Jim, where Jim was a Professor for many, many years. In the letter, Tim asked if I remembered Dale McDowell, and being that it has only been 50 years since Dale moved to Glassport, and not wanting to appear to be an Alzheimer's candidate, I lied and said "of course"; I could have been more honest and said I think I remember Dale. The brain cells have faded some and 50 years is a long time. Join me in hoping that the water doesn't rise, and the sun continues to shine, and that Tim and Jackie will join us once again for the 50th reunion. Our thanks to Tim for forwarding that letter from Dale. It is important that we honor our deceased classmates on our In Loving Memory web page.

Note: Been looking for the right bear.gif--and will be holding auditions; we'll see if another bear shows up. Also, if you have a cartoon, or anything, that you think is appropriate for this page, please send the URL link to us, subject: The Latest Wrinkle, and we'll put it on the page; thanks for your help and interest in the class website. What'sGoingOn???

WANTED: CLASSMATE EMAIL ADDRESSES----Question: "How do you get a classmate's email address?" Answer: You ask them for it.You are only one click away from finding a classmate's phone number and email address, or searching the personals which are inadvertently on the same search page---your choice, but---DO IT TODAY

Keep watching--something else is in the works--the all new WWWK channel--it will be here soon--don't miss it--it's going to be special.:

Just used the USPS online mailing feature for the first time--it wasn't easy--LOL--took me a fair amount of tries to get the hang of it--but it is inexpensive, $1.88 for 8 postcards, and they supply the postcards, print your message on them, address them, put the postage on them, and mail them, and send email receipts for the order, and again when they mail them. At $0.235 per postcard, all from the comfort of your own home, it is hard to beat. Your address list can be uploaded as well as the message you want to send. It appeared that the price increases fairly dramatically, when you need to use envelopes. I did a test run to see if we can obtain email addresses for the rest of our CA classmates. The best part of it was: USPS corrects the ZIP code if it is incorrect for the street address, and also adds the 4 digit urbanization code; a very nice feature. If we get our class database going, we can then upload all of the addressing information directly from it.

Our Reunion Committee: Eileen Jones Behun, Ron Vaccari, Joe Weiss, Linda Huffington, Jane Price Blackburn, Dave Blackburn, Janet Gajdosik Calabro, Tony Calabro, Jack Brenner, Ellen Frable Price, Donna Casperson Henze, and Don Henze. Suggestions for our Reunion Committee, click on: ITWILLBEGREATTOSEEYOUAGAIN

Just heard from the Chairperson for the Class of 1959 Reunion Committee, Elaine Laine O'Neill; they will have their 45th in 2004. "Our reunion is going to be out at the Windsor Court Hotel which just changed their name from the Ramada Inn, across from South Hills Village. We also have a Friday Night Mixer at the VFW in Wilson the night before. Their reunion is next year, July 23rd and July 24th. I also heard from Anna Marie Ward Bochter, Class of 1960; the wonderful woman who started all of these Clairton websites--she deserves a medal for that; their Reunion Plans are as follows: "We booked the Four Points Sheraton near Greater Pittsburgh Airport. September 23, 24, 25 of 2005. We'll have the VFW in Clairton on friday night, then hospitality room and banquet at Four Points Sheraton on Saturday, then a Sunday brunch at Four Points Sheraton. Block of rooms reserved, of course. Don't really know how much yet....depends on our meal selections and the prices in 2005. We'll make it within our range. Prices seemed comparable to other locations. But they are willing to give us a free hospitality room and we can bring our own food/drinks into it. There is no parking charge. They have a shuttle within five miles for those staying there...and Robinson Town Centre is very close. It just has a lot going for it. And a very nice presentation as you enter the lobby. Our ballroom and hospitality room are located near each other. Very classy setting. On the DJ, we booked Doug Hoerth. Four hours is $600. They have an optional laser show for $150, but we didn't book that yet. Also additional hours are $100 each."

Some spirited discussion has come up around the reasoning for anything to be held at the VFW for the 50th Reunion. I have only heard from the Classes of '52, '59, and '60, but they were pretty much unamimous in saying the VFW Mixer, which they held on Friday night, which we are at least discussing possibly having on Thursday night, was the highlight of their reunion weekend, and that is why they are again, despite having their banquets in Pittsburgh, and South Hills, scheduling a Friday night mixer at the VFW. They collected $5/per person at the door, and brought in their own snacks, and then had pizza delivered from a place in Wilson at around 9:00PM. They had numerous people from other classes come by to say "Hello" and we all, at least most of us, had many friends in other classes. The other classes had brothers, sisters, and mothers, of deceased classmates, come by to say "Hello." This sounds like a great way to kick off a great weekend. You would have to believe, that although the locals may not pony up $500 for a 50th Reunion weekend, the odds are at least even money that they might spend $5 just to come by, have pizza, and say "Hello" to the rest of us; well actually it could be the cheap drinks they would come by for, but they might, at least be curious, to see if we have gotten any better looking after all of these years. Not me, but I know at least a few of you could draw a crowd if the locals knew you were in town. For $5 what is there to lose??

DEMOGRAPHICS:--one of our astute Reunion Committee members noted: Out of the 187 classmates who live in & around Pittsburgh, 143 did NOT attend our 45th Reunion. That means that out of the people that did attend only 44 were local. They went on to add: PA (2 hours + drive) 24; Out of State + DC & Can.) 175 (FL23, OH 19, CA 14, NY 10, AZ 9, GA MD & VA 8, IN MI & SC 7). Great piece of work. When we have the Excel database operational, we'll expand on the class demographics.

Is cost an issue?
Roughing the costs out:
Flying in average $200 per person
Car Rental $40 per day
Lodging $150 per night in Pittsburgh, less near the airport; maybe $75
Reunion Banquet $60 per person, maybe less near the airport

In Pittsburgh:
Sheraton Station Square--Pittsburgh
Sheraton Station Square--Rates

Couple flying in staying two nights w/two days car rental, with $25/day parking $1000
Single flying in staying two nights w/car rental, with $25/day parking $700
Local couple staying two nights at the hotel $450, with $25/day parking $500
Local couple not staying over w/$25/day parking, w/pic $175
Single not staying over $85

Near the Greater Pittsburgh Airpost:
Four Points Sheraton at the Airport
Four Points Sheraton Airport--Rates

Couple flying in staying two nights, no car rental, no parking charge $680.
Single flying in staying two nights, no car rental, no parking charge $400.
Local couple staying two nights at the hotel, no parking charge $280.
Local couple not staying over, with pic $130.
Single not staying over $50

This chart contains BALLPARK NUMBERS and will be adjusted as the reunion decision time draws nearer and more becomes known. Please suggest other places to have the reunion and we'll run the numbers.


Flight Cost On Average

Car Rental


Room Cost

Reunion Cost

Fly-in Couple

Fly-in Single

Drive-in Couple

Banquet Only Couple

Banquet Only Single

Station Square Pittsburgh

$200 Per Person


$35 Two Days

$400 Two Nights (+7%)

$70 Per Person






Seven Springs

$200 Per Person



$335 Two Nights (+9%)

$70 Per Person






Airport Four Points Sheraton (140 rooms)

$200 Per Person

Free Shuttle Airport & Local Malls


$160 Two Nights (+7%)

$60 Per Person






Know any classmates who have an email address that isn't on our website?? Ask them to add it to our class directory, so that, if the need arises, we can keep in touch with them.