August 30, 31, September 1, 2007

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Mixer Pictures (2) From Phyllis Grayson Tansky

50th Reunion Pictures From Joe Sammartino

50th Reunion Pictures From Phyllis Grayson Tansky

50th Reunion Pictures From Joe Weiss, Jack Brenner, Joe Sammartino

50th Reunion Pictures From Dorothy (Ball) Staudenmaier


NOTE: If you know of any of our classmates who took 50th Reunion Pictures, please email that classmate, using the email addresses available in our Alumni Directory, and ask that they place their pictures on the Kodak Easyshare website--they will need to download the Easyshare software (below), and then load their pictures, and then we can link our class website to their pictures. Ask that they email the Kodak information to Buzz Mills. Thanks for your help.

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The Number One Song On:

Classmates Attending The Ciccanti's Mixer: Howard Artman, Dorothy Ball Staudenmaier, Albert Baumgartel, Dorothy Baxter Goetz, Esther Benack Spadaro, Fay Bickerton King, David Blackburn, John Brenner, Dorothy Brown Romanelli, Robert Buzalka, Loy Buono Stockman, Carl Caddies, Tony Calabro, Pat Campbell, Donna Casperson Henze, Don Chalfant, Allison Chalmers Amatangelo, Dolly Chiapetta Peters, Don Cochran, Mary Ann Crans Moresco, Lynn Crothers Beautz, William Cypher, Susan Danko Pitcher, Carole Dougherty Barton, Gene Dougherety, Cecilia Dzmura Hrivnak, Tom Eells, Rhoda Farr Wohleber, Janice Fischer Johnson, Ellen Frable Price, ron Freiwald, Duane Fritz, Dorothy Gash Kruse, Linda Gibson Stavres, Kathleen gorgey Julian, Phyllis Grayson Tansky, Peggy Gross Hoffman, Jeanne Guffey Young, George Halak, Don Henze, Toni Hrabosky Dobos, Linda Huggington, Mary Huschak LeDonne, John Jester, Eileen Jones Behun, Ed Kensky, George King Angeline Kypros Cabray, Dennis LaValle, JoAnn Leasure, Vince LeDonne, Ken Manula, Dominic Mussori, Charles Nelson, Paul Olexia, Ann Oluvic Kavaljian, Muriel Owens Gwynn, Eugene Palmer, Andy Papson, Harold Pascoe, Janice Pickering White, Andy Powanda, Joyce Prout Kennedy, Jane Price Blackburn, Max Roesch, Jr., Joe Sammartino, John Shavulsky, Beckie Shawl Paulick, Marion Sporio Geletko, R. C. Sproul, Russell Szuhoza Arnold Thunborg Virginia Tiffany Augenstein, Rose Tour Ussia, Ron Vaccari, Carol Valentine, Bob Vitori, Carl Voelkel, Judy Waddington Werner, Dawn Weber Laird, Colleen Weir Duell, Joe Weiss, Harold Weigel, Don Wilson, Maureen Yaccobucci Murzyn

Classmates Attending The Reunion Dinner: Jake Appetta, Howard Artman, Dorothy Jane (Ball) Staudenmaier, David Barnes, Albert Baumgartel, Esther Benack Spadaro, Lynn Berringer, Fay Bickerton King, David Blackburn, Janet (Boal) Lang, Charles Bovard, Jack Brenner, Judy (Bricker) Caddies, Phyliss (Brooks) Yohe, Ken Brown, dorothy (Brown) Romanelli, Nancy (Buechner) Hornbeck, Loy (Buono) Stockman, Carl Caddies, Tony Calabro, Donald Campbell, Patrick (Luke) Campbell, Loretta Capul Valvo, Donna Casperson Henze, Donald Chalfant, Allison Chalmers Amatangelo, Dolly Chiapetta Peters, Don Cochron, Mary Ann Crans Moresco, Lynne (Crothers) Beautz, William Cypher, Carole Dougherty Barton, Gene Doughery, Cecilia Dzmura) Hrivnak, Thomas Eels, Rhoda Lynne (Farr) Wohleber, Janice Fisher Johnson, Ellen Frable Price, Ron Freiwald, Duane Fritz, Richard Frost, Harry Furniss, Janet (Gajdosik) Calabro, Dorothy Gash Kruse, Margaret Peggy Gecan Bair, Linda (Gibson) Stavres, Kathleen(Gorgey) Julian, Phyliss (Grayson) Tansky, Margaret Gross Hoffman, Jeanne Guffey Young, Jarl Gustafsen, George Halak, Don Henze, C. Gordon Hitchings, Mary (Huschak) LeDonne, Linda Huffington, Ronald Jeffers, John Jester, Eileen Jones Behun, Edward Kensky, George King, Angie Kypros Cabray, Dennis LaValle, Joann Leasure, Ruthanne (Leasure) Toth, Vincent Ledonne, Larry Little, Norman Little, Kenneth Manula, Dolores Mazzaferri Peters, Ann (McWilliams) Wrightman, Helene Mega, Carol (Mills) King, Myrna Mulholland Best, Edward Muirhead, Dominic Mussori, Gail Myers Wilbur, Charles Nelson, Paul Olexia, Anna Mae (Oluvic) Kavaljian, Muriel (Owens) Gwynn, Eugene Palmer, Anthony Palumbo, Andrew Papson, Margaret Pazo Dadaminici, Janice (Pickering) White, Kenneth Plotts, Jane Price Blackburn, Joyce (Prout) Kennedy, Rudy Ricci, Bill Risley, Max Roesch, Joe Sammartino, Lois (Scappellato) Bernardi, Lola (Scappellato) O'Dea, Robert Schobel Meyers, John Shavulsky, Becky Shawl Paulick, Marilyn Snyder Beisecker, Marian Sporio Geletko, Judy Stalnaker Stewart, Russell Suzahoza, Alberta Theobald Freiwald, Arnold Thunborg, Virginia Tiffany Augenstein, Rose Tour Ussia, Ron Vaccarri, Carol (Valentine) Wiegel, Robert Vitori, Carl Voelkel, Judith (Waddington) Werner, James Walker, Dawn Weber Laird, Harold Weigel, Colleen (Weir) Duell), Joe Weiss, Donald Wilson, Joyce (Withers) Newmeyer, Maureen Yacobucci Murzyn, Virginia (Yaksick) Aylward,

Classmates Attending The Clairton Picnic: Virginia Augenstein, Albert Baumgartel, John David Blackburn, Phyllis Brooks Yohe, John A. Brenner, Judy Bricker Caddies, Nancy Buechner Hornbeck, Loy Buono Stockman, Robert M. Buzalka, Carl Caddies, Tony Calabro, Donald Campbell, Loretta Capul Valvo, Donna Casperson Henze, Don Chalfant, Allison Chalmers Amatangelo, Paul Cherepko(Eliz Fwd), Dolly Chiappetta Peters, Donald Cochran, Clark Cook, Eleanor Coss, Mary Ann Crans Moresco, Lynne Crothers Beautz, William Cypher, Toni Dobos, George Dobrick, Gene Dougherty, Thomas Eells, Ronald Fazio, Ron Freiwald, Duane A. Fritz, Janet Fulmer, Harry Furniss, George Halak, Don Henze, Janet Gajdosik Calabro, Dorothy (Deedle) Gash Kruse, Peggy Gecan Bair, Margaret Gross Hoffman, Jeane Guffey Young, Mary E. Huschak LeDonne, John J. Jester, Eileen Jones Behun, George King, Angie Kypros Cabray, Dennis A. LaValle, JoAnn Leasure, Vince LeDonne, Kenneth Mamula, Rosella Marra Lane, Dolores J. Mazzaferri Peters, Carole Mills King, Charles Nelson, Ann Oluvic Kavaljian, Eugene Palmer, Andrew L. Papson, Beckie Shawl Paulick, Janice Pickering White, Andrew P. Powanda, Jane Price Blackburn, John Shavulsky, Marilyn Snyder Beisecker, Judy Staluckes Stewart, Jean Street Gillie, Russell Szuhoza, Phyllis Grayson Tansky, Alberta Theobold Freiwald, Rose Tour Ussia, Ronald J. Vaccari, Robert A. Vitori, Carl "Butch" Voelkel, James Walker, Mildred Watts, Dawn S. Weber Laird, Joseph Weiss, Joyce Withers Newmeyer,

Classmates And Spouses/Guests Attending The Clairton Picnic: Amatangelo, Allison Chalmers - Augenstein, Virginia - Bair, Peggy Gecan - Baumgartel, Albert - Baumgartel, Sandy - Beautz, Lynne Crothers - Behun, Eileen Jones - Behun, George - Beisecker, Bob - Beisecker, Marilyn Snyder - Blackburn, Jane Price - Blackburn, John David - Brenner, John A., Jr. - Buzalka, Robert M. - Cabray, Angie Kypros - Cabray, Joe - Caddies, Carl - Caddies, Judy - Calabro, Anthony F. (Tony) - Calabro, Janet Gajdosik - Campbell, Donald - Chalfant, Don - Chalfant, Loree - Cherepko, Paul - 1957 (Eliz For) - Cochran, Donald - Cook, Clark - Coss, Eleanor - Coss, Robert - Cypher, Rose - Cypher, William - Dobos, Toni - Dobrick, George - Dobrick, Ginette - Dougherty, Gene - Eells, Carol - Eells, Thomas - Fazio, Ronald - Freiwald, Alberta Theobold - Freiwald, Eric - Freiwald, Ron - Fritz, Duane A. - Fritz, Loretta M. - Fulmer, Janet - Furniss, Harry - Gillie, Jean Street - Halak, George - Henze, Don - Henze, Donna Casperson - Hoffman, Margaret Gross - Hornbeck, Jim - Hornbeck, Nancy Buechner - Jester, John J. - Jester, Linda - Kavaljian, Ann Oluvic - King, Carole Mills - King, George - Kruse, Dorothy (Deedle) Gash - Laird, Dawn S. Weber - Lane, Rosella Marra - LaValle, Denis A. - Leasure, JoAnn - LeDonne, Mary E. Huschak - LeDonne, Vince - Mamula, Donna - Mamula, Kenneth - Moresco, Mary Ann Crans - Nelson, Charles - Nelson, Charles (Guest) - Newmeyer, Joyce Withers - Palmer, Eugene - Palmer, Leah - Papson, Andrew L. - Papson, Elaine C. Fazio - Paulick, Beckie Shawl - Peters, Bill - Peters, Dolly Chiappetta - Peters, Dolores J. Mazzaferri - Powanda, Andrew P. - Powanda, Hazel - Shavulsky, Carol - Shavulsky, John - Stewart, Jack - Stewart, Judy Staluckes - Stockman, Loy Buono - Szuhoza, Russell - Tansky, Jerry - Tansky, Phyllis Grayson - Ussia, Joe - Ussia, Rose Tour - Vaccari, Karen - Vaccari, Ronald J. - Valvo, Loretta Capul - Vitori, Robert A. - Vitori, Nancy Bookheimer - Voelkel, Carl "Butch" - Walker, James - Walker, Shelia - Watts, Mildred - Weiss, Joseph - Weiss, Judy - White, Janice - Yohe, Phyllis Brooks - Young, Cy - Young, Jeane Guffey -

HELP WANTED: Helping to manage the class website. An Adobe PhotoShop familiar (or other photo editing software), computer literate, classmate, is needed, to work with the Reunion Committee, to manage, maintain, and add Reunion photos, to the existing Class Website. Technical support, and assistance, will be provided. An opportunity for your creativity to be expressed. Telecommute from home. Great fringe benefits. Very rewarding. Helping your class is a higher calling. PleaseLetUsKnowIfYouAreInterested

Thursday - August 30, 2007 MIXER--Place: Ciccanti's, Rte. 51, Time: 7:00 til 11:00 P.M. Cover Charge:$5.00 per person for food - Cash Bar.
Friday - August 31, 2007 BANQUET-- Place: Georgetowne Centre, 526 E. Bruceton Road, Pleasant Hills, PA
Time: 5:00 P.M. - 6:30 P.M. registration, pictures, open bar cocktails, hors d’oeurves
Dinner: 6:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M. (Bar will be closed during dinner)
7:30 P.M. - 11:00 Dancing to the sounds of DJ Jared and Joe
Charge: $70.00 per person, price includes open bar, hors d’ oeuvres, sit down dinner and socializing until 11:00 P.M.

Chicken Romano, +Baked Scrod Georgetown, Roast Sirloin Beef

Please make check payable to:
Clairton High School Class of 1957
c/o Donna Casperson Henze
188 Patterson Road
Finleyville, Pa 15332

Deadline for reunion reservations May 1st - last minute reservations by July 1st

Saturday - September 1, 2007, Place: Clairton High School Time: 9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.
The high school lobby will be open to our class members for viewing of memorabilia. The committee will be at the high school to welcome classmates.

Saturday September 1, 2007, 2007 CHS Picnic 11:00AM til ???
2007 CHS Picnic - 1935 through 1960 - Reservation Form